Darla Owens, How do I say Thank You enough?

Darla Owens, How do I say Thank You enough?

Darla Owens, how can I say Thank You enough?

My journey with Darla began nearly 17 years ago when I started my career in real estate. Darla completely captured my attention with the way she carried herself and showed genuine care for everyone around her. She patiently trained me, teaching the importance of a focus on Process and Attention to Details, not only by the way she conducted business but also in her daily life.

Over the years Darla has continuously had such an incredible impact on my life, professionally and personally. My experience with Darla could best be described as a Blessing!!!

There is no denying that Darla has a very real knack for real estate, but even more than that, she has an amazing gift in the way she cares for people.

Darla has a true passion for real estate, especially on the residential side of the business. She is always working a Thorough Process with Skilled Attention to Details. Darla demonstrates a focus on the needs of her Clients as if it were an obsession. And, she accomplishes all of this with a professional personable southern charm.

Darla is an amazing person and someone I have truly put my Trust in. Thank you Darla.

Kris Brooks
Residential Appraisal Review Officer
Cadence Bank
2100 3rd Avenue N, Suite 900
Birmingham, AL 35203